Analogue Heaven NorthEast 2013
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Analog Heaven Northeast Meeting
Organizer: Eric Crawley

  • Saturday, May 4th, 2013
  • 12PM to 6PM
  • 119 Gallery in Lowell, MA
  • A $10 donation would help will help support the gallery and their mission for the arts.
Mailing List
  • The AHNE mail list is created to help organize details such as who will bring what gear for maximum diversity.
  • List archives, subscription requests and web-based admin requests are available here.
What to bring
  • Synths (please consult the mail list)
  • Keyboard stands and tables (only a few tables are available at the gallery)
  • Extension cords and power strips
  • Audio cables, small mixer and headphones (or speakers)
  • Camera
  • 8-10PM
  • A schedule for performances in the evening will be worked out during the afternoon
  • Video mixing will be provided by Dr. T
  • Videos from last years performance can be found here and here.
  • We will break for dinner at 6pm
  • Some soft drinks will be provided

Analogue Heaven North East 2011. from Attack Sustain on Vimeo.

AHNE 2011 from Dave Lovelace

AHNE 2010 from stretta on Vimeo.